Tobias Batz is a photographer/videographer/painter living and working in Manhattan, born in Groton, Massachusetts. Tobias' style is provocative and erotically charged, marked by stylized scenes, often with sado-maschoistic and fetishishtic subtexts. His work is mainly large format prints which are hand embellished with spray paint and graffiti "mops" (markers). His painting style was developed using techniques ranging from the ancient to the modern. His work combines stream of conscience samui and impressions of the modern graffiti vernacular. Tobias also "remixes" or reinterprets vintage photography, a nod to Warhol. His art exhibits include live body painting and video installation. Tobias has exhibited his work internationally including Lyons Wier Gallery, Gallery 151, AQUA art fair during Basel 2013 and The ARTAQ urban art festival in Angers, France. He is featured in all 3 ARTAQ urban art books (2010-2013)


American Express, New Era, Def Jam, Blue Apron, Social Media Exposure, Sexy Hair, KONG, Buccament Bay Resorts, XO magazine, Lucky Magazine, Conde Nast, Dewers, Coco, Flip Audio, North Lake Films, Alma Restaurant, W.I.P night club, Per Se restaurant, Ave Gourmet, Dramatics NYC, West Side Gym and Creative Brand among others.